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Vital Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Cat Healthy

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A homemade meal is the best food to offer your precious cat but if you want a cat gourmet food that is fit for a king, then deciding to go 'Organic' is the best you can you give your cat to ensure a long and healthy life.

What is Organic?

Organic has become a word that is almost synonymous with healthier living for a lot of people, and now sections of supermarkets sport a variety of organically grown fruits, vegetables, meats, and other products.

In 2002, The US Department of Agriculture adopted a guideline for what organic would mean so that labeling could be consistent and consumers would know what they were buying. Organic food or products are just items that are produced naturally without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, growth hormones, genetic engineering, antibiotics, or irradiation.

While pet foods are not monitored to the same degree, pet foods claiming to be organic follow the same general guideline as human foods.

Why Go Organic?

While there is not quite the level of scientific research necessary to support all the natural health claims attributed to organic eating, a few things are clear:

  • No chemical pesticides are used. Many pesticide labels include hazardous warnings alerting to the possible dangers for pesticide applicators. Pesticides are one of the things related to the decline of honey bees, some insects, and some amphibians. If it kills them, what does it do long-term to others like our cats?
  • No antibiotics to treat food animals. This means that cows, chickens, pigs, and other animals raised for food must be fed, housed, and treated differently in order to maintain their health. No use of antibiotics means that there is no risk of a cat developing a tolerance to antibiotics from simply eating food. Plus, some antibiotics used on one kind of animal, like sheep, might be deadly for a household cat. (Antibiotics survive the rendering process for commercial food)
  • No growth hormones. These are used for one reason only: to bulk up a food animal so it is more valuable. The larger a cow, for example, the larger and heftier the subsequent steaks and fillets will be. rBGH, or Bovine Growth Hormone, is also used in dairy cattle to increase their milk production by 15-25%. It has been banned in Europe and Canada but is still legal in the US. Dairy cattle given these injections produce abnormal milk volumes and live a shorter life in the process.
  • No irradiation of food items. We're not really sure what the lasting effects of irradiation might be, so why gamble?

Organic food is more natural and nutritious, the lack of pesticides and chemicals means that organic food retains all the nutrients, helpful bacteria and contains no harmful residual chemicals.

Making your cat's homemade meals primarily or fully organic is easy to do. You have ample access in our supermarkets and farmer's markets to fresh organic items.

Organic is not only healthier for your cat, but it's also healthier for you and the environment. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to supplement both your diet and your cat's diet with organic foods is to maintain a vegetable garden with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

If you are looking for an additional way to spoil your cat and want a food that is truly a cat gourmet food, then cooking organic homemade meals is the ultimate way to pamper your pet.

To see a ton of kitty mouthwatering cat gourmet food recipes that can all be organic and represent a beginning towards optimal health and how to have your cat bursting with health and NOT visiting the vet please go to

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