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Vital Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Cat Healthy

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There are times when insulin, a hormone responsible for properly regulating blood sugar levels in your cat, becomes unable to do its job. The result is diabetes. Cat diabetes is an issue that is becoming one of the fastest rising health concerns in the feline world. Not only is it a costly issue for pet owners, it is heartbreaking as well. A cat with diabetes can suffer weight loss or gain, lethargy and even weakness in the rear legs. You may notice your cat having excessive thirst which in turn leads to excessive urination. Their coat will begin to suffer and he or she will suddenly become more susceptible to bacterial infections.

Finding your cat has diabetes can be difficult to confront; but like most pet owners, you will likely do anything you can to make your feline friend as comfortable as possible. One of the first things that needs to be done is to take a look at your cat's diet which should preferably be natural fresh food. If your cat has been on a commercial diet throughout its life, then your cat has ingested an incredible amount of grains and sugars. The grains come from the corn, soy and rice that tends to make up the base of a good many commercial cat foods. The problem with this is that cats were never meant to have a diet high in grains or sugar.

In creating the feline species, Mother Nature made sure cats would be able to nourish themselves perfectly with the natural foods around the mother animals. If you notice, when a cat of any species goes out to hunt, it does not go out hunting corn stalks. Though much has changed for the feline breed since its beginnings, the fact of the matter is, their physiology has changed very little. Just because the masses have been duped into sixty years of using grained based pets foods, does not mean the feline physiology, set in place millions of years ago, will suddenly change.

In other words, it is time to give your cat what it needs and deserves in a natural food diet. A cat that is lucky enough to nourish itself on a natural diet from the beginning, rarely if ever sees problems with diabetes or arthritis, kidney ailments, heart disease, skin diseases or other health issues. Cats already struck with ailments such as diabetes can see a vast improvement in their condition within months on a natural diet. This is because there are no high grain and sugar levels to knock your cat's system off balance. With a natural food diet, the right nutrients can be assimilated to the right places immediately. Your cat's digestive system and its many organs will have the opportunity to finally work in perfect harmony.

For more information on treating, feeding and caring for a cat with diabetes and how fresh natural food should be used for best effect.

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