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Cat food protein in the typical commercial food comes from a variety of sources. The higher end products use more meat based proteins like chicken and fish, and the less expensive the product and the lower the quality, the more grain and plant based proteins there are.

When reading the label of any cat food, the ingredients listed first are the ones with the most weight, and the ingredients descend from there. If chicken is the first ingredient, this is whole chicken (with the water), which would weigh more. Post water loss, it may not actually be the largest percentage of the cooked food.

Instead, meals make up much of the commercial foods. A meal is comprised of some kind of meat that has been cooked and dried out to remove the water and then ground up. Many commercial foods may use by-product meal or animal parts unsuitable or undesirable for human consumption and meat meal. Meat meals, if not directly identified, may be comprised of a variety of meats. The pet food manufacturer probably is not fully aware of what it is, and it might include diseased animals, euthanized animals, or surprising animals like euthanized cats and dogs from large city shelters.

In addition to meals, most commercial foods use a lot of fillers and grains. While some grains and soy do impart protein, cats are unable to fully use this type of protein. So while a cat food label may be able to list the protein level as a particular percentage, it does not accurately identify how much of that protein will be metabolized by cats consuming the food.

Cat food protein should mimic nature as closely as possible for the best health. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they must consume meat as their primary food source. Their bodies are designed to consume high levels of flesh and protein, and in fact, the grain based cat food protein moves slowly through their bodies.

Cat's bodies are not biologically equipped to handle the high levels of carbohydrates inherent in commercial foods. They have short intestinal tracts and highly acidic stomach acids to break down animal proteins.

A cat's diet should ideally measure somewhere around 60-75% protein. In nature, a cat's meal would consist of some small animal like a rodent. It would be eating the mouse, which is mostly water and protein, and whatever the mouse had recently eaten. Any vegetation, grains, or non-meat foods in a cat's diet would be minimal and limited primarily to what had been ingested by the cat's prey.

How can a cat food protein mimic nature the best way? In fact cooking for your cat is the best way to ensure it is eating the proper protein levels to maintain its health. You can create meals that fulfill the cat's natural desire and need for higher, animal-based protein sources.

It's easy to create healthy meals that your cat will enjoy. How can you create the right meals with protein sources that will benefit your cat? Learn how to return your cat to the wild feline inside with meals that will make it purr. For further help and information on cat food protein and how to protect your cat for a long and active disease free life.

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