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Vital Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Cat Healthy

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Cooking for your cat may seem like a challenging prospect to many owners, but the health benefits from a home cooked meal far outweigh the 'nutritiously balanced' pre-made commercial dinners. Not only is it healthier, it is also easier than most people think.

Why You Should Consider Cooking for Your Cat:

  • Commercial pet foods use the leftover protein choices not suitable for human consumption. This may include scraps, animal parts not desirable to humans, or the dreaded 4 D: dead, dying, diseased, or disabled.
  • Commercial foods are not regulated like human food, meaning that all sorts of things are included in foods that would be unfit for humans. Pet food manufacturers acquire rendered meat products from rendering facilities. What is rendered? Dead farm animals, including horses (many of these have died on the farm days before being picked up and rendered); euthanized animals, including some dogs and cats; out of date meat, including the Styrofoam packing materials. Everything is cooked in one big vat.
  • Most of the good stuff is cooked right out of the food through the high heat levels required to kill bacteria, fungus, and whatever else is in the vat. The rendering process requires high heat, and for dry food, it is cooked a second time.
  • Lots of fillers are added to commercial food that are unnecessary and unhealthy. Some of the preservatives, like Ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT have been linked to cancer development in research studies.

What Are The Advantages of Cooking for Your Cat:

  • A happy and healthy cat! Cats are designed to process fresh foods, primarily protein. Their bodies respond well to a natural diet.
  • They don't require as much food, because what they do eat is fully used.
  • A more fit and trim cat who doesn't suffer from obesity.
  • Disease prevention: Many diseases like kidney failure, allergies, and diabetes are caused or exacerbated by commercial foods, specifically dry foods.
  • You can control what is going into your cat's food. You determine not only the ingredients but also the quality of them.

A Home Cooked Meal Doesn't Have to Be Hard!

In fact, once you have the knowledge of how to cook for your cat, it is relatively simple and time efficient. Unless you are a vegetarian, you probably have the variety of protein sources necessary for your cat's meals. Add in a few additional pantry items that most people have on hand already, and you're ready to begin.

Meals can be made the same day, or to be very time efficient, you can pre-make meals for the week ahead and store in the freezer. Simply thaw a day's worth of meals in the refrigerator the night before and there's nothing to do but heat in the microwave for a few seconds to take the chill off. It's just as easy as scooping a cup of food and putting in the bowl.

Cooking for your cat is the best option in feeding, and the health benefits are incredible.

You can help to begin restore your cat's health right now as well as prevent future diseases like kidney failure, diabetes, and obesity just by cooking for your cat. To learn more about some of the best fresh foods to feed and what cats really like to eat and for some free recipes please visit.

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