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Home cooked cat food is becoming the popular choice in feeding cats, especially in light of commercial cat food scandals like the Menu Foods recall of 2007 when it was discovered that many cat foods contained melamine.

The recall affected the whole ladder of pet food producers with both cheap and expensive brands affected. Prior to this recall, the general pet food buying public didn't understand how interconnected everyone was in the pet food industry. We learned that most pet food companies use shared facilities and producers for food. So, a cheap and low quality food may be produced at the very same factory with the same equipment that produces a much more expensive food.

The pet food industry has had plenty of recalls in the past for salmonella, fungal poisonings and more, but that's not the only problem that plagues commercial foods. The pet food industry has become a way to rid other food producing industries of their leftover bits and pieces and still make money.

These leftover items would otherwise be thrown away, but now they have given farmers and producers a way to make money from them. It's no wonder or accident that many of the pet foods are produced by major human food producers like Nestle and Mars. The pet food industry is receiving the bottom of the grain barrel, so to speak.

In addition to health risks and inferior quality food, there is the problem of unpleasant substances passing unaltered into pet food such as pentobarbital and antibiotics that were once thought to have been extinguished in the high heat of the rendering process. Pentobarbital is the primary euthanasia drug, and it enters completely unaltered. Dogs and cats consuming these commercial products are building up higher and higher tolerance levels, and it takes more of the drugs to fight infection or euthanize a sick animal.

The United States Food and Drug Administration began receiving phone calls from veterinarians across the country stating that something was awry. They were noticing that it was taking distinctly more pentobarbital to euthanize pets than it had in the past. How was this happening? The FDA reasoned that the pets must be building a tolerance to the drug, and the only way for this to have happened was for them to be repeatedly exposed to it (Life Extension Magazine).

All of this confusion left pet owners trying to determine what the best food to feed their beloved pet was? The answer for many was cooking the food themselves, and product sales for home cooked cat food supplies increased following the 2007 pet recall.

While some veterinarians worried about the possibility of unbalanced diets, people began to seek out information on creating their own diets. The benefits were great:

  • No more expensive (and often less expensive) to create home cooked cat food
  • Health benefits: less hairballs, more fit and trim, improved dental health, and prevention of disease
  • Easy to do
  • Could count on the food to be high quality and safe
  • Cats love home cooked food

Resources are now plentiful and easily found on how to create a good home cooked cat food, and when done in conjunction with a trusted veterinarian, a cat simply thrives, and the owner can feel good about supplying a high quality and trustworthy diet.

To begin the process of changing over to your own home cooked cat food and to see all the ways your cat really will benefit and to see how quick simple and inexpensive this really is plus some free recipes.

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