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Cat Food Recipes Online


The idea of homemade cat food can be somewhat perplexing to today's average individual. Isn't it easier just to go down to the pet food store and load up with all those cases of cans and packets of dried food? Most would honestly answer yes. Yet, there are times when something that is easy can end up being quite problematic in the long run.

A little over half a century ago, commercial pet food was unheard of. Rather than heart disease, diabetes and kidney ailments that now kill a cat by the age of seven to nine, it was not uncommon for well taken care of felines to see two to three decades of healthy vigorous life before succumbing to old age. Rarely, if ever, were cats taken to a vet.

As the average citizen has become cash rich but time poor, obesity and lethargy are two of the most common problems seen in cats. In comparison, cats fed a diet of natural fresh foods have endless energy, noticeably bright shiny eyes and coat, smaller and less odorous stools and a well balanced temperament. Plus, a natural diet is extremely affordable and cats are already naturally attracted to the ingredients.

The differences, physically and temperamentally of a cat that goes from a commercial diet to a natural diet are noticeable within a matter of weeks. This is because a cat's physiology is designed to assimilate nutrients from fresh natural foods. Commercial foods are a cooked and congealed mass of dead and diseased animals, preservatives, additives and other caustic materials.

It is important to remember that cats are hunters by nature and their prey is in essence raw meat. Cat food made at high temperatures in a rendering plant is the farthest thing from a natural diet. A natural diet boosts and sustains the immune systems; it does not, unlike commercial food, prompt expensive trips to the vet.

Do not let years of brainwashing by pet food companies hurt your beloved cat anymore. For further reading, you can do no better than read Ann N. Martin's excellent book, "Food Pets Die For" and Henry Pasternak's "Healing Animals with Natures Cures".

For more information on how to make your own delicious homemade cat food your pet will love you for,how to introduce these changes for best effect, how to save money as well as giving your cat a longer life.

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