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Vital Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Cat Healthy

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Cat Food Recipes Online


The concept of home made dry cat food can seem perplexing for those who still provide their cat's nutrition from a can or a bag. After all, why go through such trouble when there is a vast array of brands and flavors sitting on store shelves to choose from?

Would you choose a natural diet for your cat if you knew he or she:

  • Could live up to two decades or much longer?
  • Would have a naturally boosted immune system?
  • Would not be ingesting toxins that break down its health?
  • Is already naturally attracted to the ingredients?

Many misguidedly assume that making home made cat food is a fad or gimmick; however, you can thank the pet food industry for the billions in advertising they spend diverting your attention away from fact. The practice of repeating misleading information over and over until it is regarded as fact, has been used throughout history and pet food companies are no different. In reality, pet food companies have only been around for approximately sixty years. If their product is so superior, how did the feline species manage to make it through millions of years of evolution?

The truth is, Mother Nature created your cat's physiology to rely on fresh natural foods to obtain nutrients and stay healthy. Yet, the congealed mass that many feed their cats is nothing more than an overcooked combination of waste products.

Why is this?

Because there has to be some way for pet food companies to boil down the dead and rejected animals from feed lots, county road kill services, zoos and veterinary clinics together with the grease waste from restaurants, spoiled grain stores and old rancid chemicals that can't be dumped in a regular landfill. Luckily, the concoction is not deemed suitable for human consumption but it is considered perfectly fine for your cat.

When it comes to pet ownership, everyone has choices between natural diets and commercial diets and between doing what is right and doing what is convenient. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this rendering process is why cats that eat a canned food diet are more likely to see diabetes, heart disease, neural imbalances, kidney ailments, diarrhea, vomiting, periodontal disease and much more than cats fed a natural raw diet.

The toxins that build up in a cat's system from canned foods consistently break down its immune system until it can no longer fight off disease. This is why cats and their owners get barely a decade to create loving memories together when they could and should be getting twenty years or more, whether the cat is an indoor cat or an outdoor cat.

Once a cat owner is able to get past the advertising and truly decipher ingredient labels, feeding a homemade dry cat food diet ends up seeming much less perplexing and is really quite simple to make.

For more information on how to make your own properly balanced homemade dry cat food that is safe, quick and easy and how to introduce it to your cat without waste and tantrums.

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