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Cat Food Recipes Online


You might be wondering how on earth you could create your very own homemade cat diet. After all, you're probably not a nutritionist or scientist but more likely are a concerned, loving cat owner who wants only the best for your feline.

You might then be surprised to know how easy it really is to create both a nutritious and delicious meal for your cat. It only requires a few considerations.

To create a homemade cat diet, you must keep these things in mind along the way:

  • Cats do have specialized nutritional requirements. They are unable to convert some food items and lack the enzymes to break others down. They must have a high protein diet, generally 60-75% is best.
  • Cats have little need for carbohydrates, so avoid diets that use an abundance of them. Because cats have such short intestinal tracts, a cat fed a high carbohydrate diet will feel full on them, but they will be lacking in the necessary nutrients.
  • A homemade cat diet should be high in moisture. Cats do not drink excessive amounts of water so it is crucial that their meals contain the vast majority of water they will need. High moisture levels are important for proper organ function.
  • You cannot make just one thing. As with humans, if we ate one kind of food all the time we would be lacking in vital nutrients, the same is true for cats. Protein sources should be varied as should any added vegetables. Don't always feed chicken and carrots or you might miss out on nutrients that are in fish or broccoli.
  • Consult your veterinarian before making any food changes. By working directly with your veterinarian, you can make sure your cat's health is not adversely affected by any changes.
  • Remember to change slowly. Most cats have grown up on commercial foods and are accustomed to their taste. Slowly introduce fresh foods to give your cat's body time to adjust.

Once you have fully decided to begin cooking your cat's food, you will need to locate recipes and ideas for your cat's meals. There is an abundance of resources out here to assist you.

There are of course many books written on the subject matter, and the internet provides a wealth of resources too. Here are just a few helpful website resources:

Creating a homemade cat diet becomes quite easy with a little research and reading. Once you have amassed a pile of recipes, it really becomes about taste testing them out on your individual cat to see what it thinks of everything.

To start your search for absolutely tasty and healthy recipes for a homemade cat diet, try the e-book Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals by Frank Temple-Brown and see how it can change your cat's life today for more information, help and guidance on preparing, introducing and storing homemade cat food and for some free recipes.

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