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Cat Food Recipes Online


How to make cat food that your cat will not only enjoy but thrive on is the goal of many cat loving owners. Is it possible to create a meal in your own kitchen for your cat without spending a ton of money or time?

Fast and Easy!

Cooking for your cat sounds like it would take a lot of time, and with the frenetic world most of us live in, every extra moment is precious. Why cook in your spare time when you have a bag of cat food to use?

Because creating a delicious meal for your cat is fast and easy! It takes no more time to create a home cooked meal than to open the bag of cat food. Here's how to make it so simple:

  • Have a pantry stocked with foods for your cat. Just like having a pantry of staples for humans makes creating a dinner on the spur of the moment easy, the same is true for your cat. Keep cat food staples on hand and readily available. Fresh vegetables are easy to store, and meats can be frozen.
  • Cook in advance. One day a week, or month set aside some time to make multiple meals for your cat. Stock up on reusable plastic containers or glass jars, and create enough meals for the whole period. In less than 1 hour, you'll have 14 meals prepared, and if you have enough freezer space, you can even make 2 weeks or a month at a time. Then all you have to do is thaw 2 containers the night before, and it's as simple as that.
  • Semi-homemade. Even though it's not hard, there are ways to make it even faster and easier. Jarred, pureed baby food makes easy work of the vegetables, and it can easily be mixed in with anything else. Purchase pre-ground meats at the store. Most butchers or stores will do special requests, especially if you're a frequent customer. Some natural cat food manufacturers also produce frozen raw foods pre-ground and ready for use, so this might be another option.
  • Plan your meals around your cat. Another simple thing to save time is to plan what your cat will be eating around your own meals. Having steamed carrots and chicken for dinner? Set aside a portion of carrot and chicken for your cat. You can prepare your cat's meal at the same time as your own.


Making your own cat food is always the healthiest option so long as you know what to feed your cat. You're simply recreating a cat's natural diet and helping to return it to a more healthy state.

Commercial foods are laden with preservatives to make them shelf-stable, and many of these preservatives have been shown to potentially cause cancer in research studies. In addition, you never know exactly what goes into the commercial foods, as has been demonstrated by the various major pet food recalls of recent years.

You are able to control what goes into your cat's diet when you cook the meals. You can inspect the food choices, ensure quality, and really monitor your individual pet's health. There is no one more invested in your cat's health and well being than you, which is why knowing how to make cat food is something you should learn today.

Get started today on making your cat feel and look better with home cooked meals that any cat would enjoy. For free recipes, pointers, and more information on preparing, storing, sourcing and introducing homemade cat food for a long and healthy life.

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