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Vital Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Cat Healthy

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Does YOUR cat suffer from CRF (chronic renal failure) or kidney problems?.

Don’t despair, it is not a death sentence, using a low protein cat food diet will ease it’s sufferings and extend it’s life!

I can help you get started on this today, please read on……..

You are obviously concerned about the well-being of your cat otherwise you wouldn't be reading this page. But despite all the love and care you lavish upon it maybe it's not as healthy as it once was or has some of the symptoms described below?

You will no doubt have heard that kidney problems in cats are alarmingly common and that they are at continuing risk of ill health through eating the wrong food. Here are some of the common symptoms of Kidney disease & CRF:

cat food recipesConstant Thirst, Lack of Appetite

homemade cat food recipe made with fishFrequent Urination

homemade pet food recipesPassing Large Quantities of Pale Urine, Inability to Hold Urine All Night

cat nutritionWeight Loss

natural cat food recipesOccassional Periods of Low Energy, Nausea?

If So He Or She May Well Be suffering from Kidney Failure or CRF, a common disease in cats”

Maybe you are having to take your cat to the vet more often than before...and spent a small fortune…. It doesn’t have to be like this though

You may well have heard about the questionable ingredients in commercial pet food, especially after all the pet food recalls... and when you discover the truth it worries you that this could be the cause of your cat's problems.

Before we go any further though let me tell you a little about my background so you can see I'm not just talking 'empty' words.

Frank Temple Brown and 20 Year Old Cat Picture

Frank and 21 years young Nermal

My name is Frank Brown. I have always loved and had a passion for cats (I picked this up from my parents who themselves were cat lovers and successful cat breeders).

I've cared for and bred cats for forty years and always make sure they have the very best diet... That's why they always live a long healthy life: often for 20 plus years...

Nermal is a good example. She is 21 years young but still fit as a fiddle.

Most people are astounded by her real age and always ask what the secret to her good health is.

The answer is simple - Wholesome, natural homemade cat food.

I have had over 40 years experience of owning, loving, caring for cats, breeding them and treating their illness. Sadly kidney disease and CRF is one of the most common and worrying diseases in cats and growing all the time…

That is why I have created a special report about this topic “KIDNEY DISEASE & CATS” how to treat & manage this distressing disease & HOW TO MAKE LOW PROTEIN CAT FOOD

In my special report you will discover what CRF and Kidney disease really is

cat food recipesHow to prevent it in the first place

homemade cat food recipe made with fishWhat you must do to keep your cat healthy, what to feed your cat and what to AVOID

homemade pet food recipesHow to inexpensively treat a cat with CREF or kidney disease yourself saving you money. We show you simple, effective and FREE treatments that will save you $$$

cat nutritionHow to make the essential LOW PROTEIN food your pet needs, with actual tried and tested recipes. These will extend your cat’s useful life and ease it’s sufferings, they are simple to make and inexpensive

natural cat food recipesHow to manage your pet in “Crisis stage” of this distressing ailment

natural cat food recipesWe show you 3 special simple fluids to administer, you probably grow these ingredients in your garden and what 2 herbal and 1 tissue salt remedies will greatly help your cat

natural cat food recipesWhat extra vitamins and supplements are vital to your cat with kidney problems & CRF

natural cat food recipesWe show you how to make your own daily supplements, quickly and simply. A vetinarian will charge you $$$ alone for this inexpensive treatment.

natural cat food recipesThe special role of vegetables in treating CRF & kidney problems so that your cat eats only what it needs, meaning a lott less stress on it’s kidneys.

Grab my special report “KIDNEY DISEASE AND CATS”, “HOW TO MAKE LOW PROTEIN CAT FOOD”, how to treat & care for a cat suffering from CRF or kidney problems today and you will discover how to extend YOUR cat’s life using simple tried and tested techniques that are effective

Cat Food Recipes Online

So What’s A Resource Like This Really Worth?

Well with a cat diagnosed with CRF or failing kidneys you could easily expect to have to visit the vetinarian as many as 10 times a year for expensive intravenous fluid administration, expensive drugs like antibiotics and special food that only your vet sells, it could easily cost you $20,000 a year. Sadly most of this will be ineffective.

Can you put a price on that?

Is it fair on your cat to run that risk? I'm sure you agree that's it's not don't you?

Of course you do...

... and let me tell you the vet's bills could well run into even more should your cat run into a real crisis condition which is sadly common with CRF.

So you agree that it's going to be wonderful to avoid the pain and suffering your cat would go through.

So you agree that paying a paltry sum of $9.97 to avoid these heartbreaks is a wise investment don't you?

... And don't forget that you've a FULL 12 months to read this special report, try the recipes and recommendations and see YOUR as healthy as it can be

"Frank's Unbeatable 12  Month  Guarantee" 

Frank Brown

 You Have 12 FULL months to try out the delicious recipes inside my Special Report...

  I guarantee you will be absolutely delighted with how easy they are to make.

You will be amazed at how convenient they are to feed to your cat.

Your cat will relish them and you will see a marked improvement in her health and behavior.


You have 12 full months to experience these remarkable results...

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you decide to return the report - even on day 364 - I will instantly rush you a FULL refund.

  You will, of course, be free to keep The Special Report, the recipes, tips & reccommendations so all the risk is on me and none on you,

You have my solemn word on this:

Frank Brown

Take control of your cat’s health right now with this special report on LOW PROTEIN CAT FOOD, CRF & kidney disease in cats for Only $9.97

So don’t delay, get this vital information NOW, it may well save your cat’s life.


If you have any questions or comments about our Refund Policy, Email us at

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