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Cat Food Recipes Online


Cats on special diets have special needs; and recipes for low protein cat food using natural ingredients can be a great way to get your feline friend everything he or she needs. Cats that are having problems with CRF or chronic renal failure often need low protein cat food to stay healthy and balanced. Once damage is done to the kidneys it cannot be repaired; however, with a diet of fresh foods, you can finally provide premium nourishment to your cat. No longer will the kidneys be subject to the battery of chemicals and toxins commonly found in commercial diets. This means you will stop any continual damage in its tracks and be able to help your cat cope with it's disease in a much more humane manner.

Without your cat's kidneys being in good order, he or she will not be able to properly eliminate waste via the urine, keep electrolytes and acidity levels balanced, produce vitamin D or regulate certain types of hormones. This can be quite devastating for the health of your cat. The imbalances can cause anything from weight loss to lethargy to an increase in thirst. Though chronic renal failure is commonly seen in older cats, these symptoms can be linked to many illnesses and it is not uncommon for a cat to go undiagnosed for some time.

Many cat owners may wonder if an older cat can enjoy recipes for low protein cat food. As many have come to find, the answer is a resounding yes. The secret to recipes for low protein cat food is in its high quality protein source. Though cats with chronic renal failure do not need much protein, the protein they do get must be able to break down evenly so as not to store in the kidneys. With a diet of fresh foods, your cat's system can not only break down the protein, he or she will be able to gather a vast store of nutrients not found in commercial diets.

The balance comes naturally to your cat's system, helping it to thrive wonderfully from the inside out. Many times, a commercial diet will add vitamins and minerals to their product your cat cannot even assimilate or use. This only adds to their decline. Low protein cat food is the best way to ensure your cat will truly get what it needs in every meal. With no toxins to drag its system down, not only do their kidney issues improve, everything from your cat's coat to its overall temperament will get a noticeable boost as well.

For more information on how to make a low protein diet for YOUR cat, the correct ingredients to use, serving, storing and introducing the food without waste and stress.

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