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Cat Food Recipes Online


Those looking for natural cat food recipes are often smart pet owners wanting to give their favorite feline the very best in nutrition. Some are looking for a way to keep their cat from getting sick, others are looking for a way to get their pet well. No matter what the reason, offering a natural diet of fresh foods to ensure good health is one of the most honorable things you can do for your cat.

Feeding a natural diet is hardly a new concept. It has been around since the beginning of time and luckily never went away; even with the heavy dependence on commercial products for over half a century. Had it not been for the sudden pet food recall of 2007/2008, it is likely natural diets for cats would still be a small voice in the world of pet nutrition. However, the devastating tragedy finally cued the masses in that they had been duped. The billions that had been spent on a skilful campaign to convince cat and dog owners that pet food companies cared about pets and that their product was superior was proven utterly false.

Many looking for answers began to look past the corporate double speak and take a deeper look at ingredient labels. It was then found that pet food companies had been feeding beloved companions a base of dead and diseased animals mixed with grains and cancer causing chemicals. How could this be any good for a cat? Regardless of any excuse, pet food companies could offer, many learned that ninety percent of health problems in cats are diet related. It became very apparent why our feline friends were suffering from diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, kidney ailments, digestive problems, cancers and much, much more.

Not wanting to feel trapped by simply going to another dangerous blend of toxins, many began to seek out natural cat food recipes. Even if some cat owners were lucky enough to escape the pet food recall unscathed, the vast majority were not interested in throwing caution to the wind. Upon locating the natural recipes, many were shocked to find the ingredients were simple and easy to obtain, even easier to put together and would end up costing them way less than the commercial pet food. No longer would cat owners have to pay for their pet to become sick; nor would they be stuck on the endless cycle of vet visits topped with exorbitant vet bills.

Another bonus for cat owners who fed natural diets was the fact that their pets had an innate attraction to the food that was offered. Mealtime no longer became a frustrating, unpleasant battle for owners whose cat simply walked away from their high dollar diet. There was no more smelly mess from cans and cats benefited with an end to stomach upset, diarrhea and vomiting. With the proper nutrients finally available a cat could thrive, inside and out. Not only did natural diets result in a shinier coat but a better temperament as well.

Maybe one of the greatest victories of the natural diet was in the litterbox. Because there was less junk and animal waste going in, there was also much less waste coming out. On a natural diet, stools are more compact and less odorous. For many, this was the one of the very best things about putting their cat on a diet of fresh foods.

Your cat will definitely appreciate the variety that can come with natural cat food recipes. They will never get bored eating the same old thing ever again. At the same time, you have the peace of mind knowing that your cat is getting a diet full of the nutrients he or she needs. Even though many vets cling to the old ways, veterinarians who have chosen to specialize in feline nutrition now advocate fresh food diets for cats. Just as many humans are getting healthier and getting rid of diets they know are no good for them, the tide is turning to natural cat food recipes. It is simply a healthier, happier, less costly way for you and your cat to exist.

For more information on the importance of natural cat food recipes to your pet's health, how to source, prepare, serve, store and introduce the food for best effect,

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