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Vital Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Cat Healthy

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Many cat owners on the search for better nutrition are likely to come across a great deal of information on natural diets. What is most intriguing about the subject is the fact that natural diets are a blessing for cats with health problems. Not only does a regimen of fresh foods work as nourishment, it also works as medicine. A diet of natural foods contains all the necessary and proper enzymes, vitamins and minerals your cat's system was originally designed to thrive on. Therefore, a natural diet can be helpful for the following health concerns:

Obesity or underweight issues. A significant shift up or down in weight is a serious problem for a cat. The grain base and high sugar content of commercial foods will commonly knock a feline's system off balance in a very short time. While some cats gain weight even with the smallest amount of food, others fail to put on adequate weight no matter how much they eat. With a natural diet, a cat will usually only ingest the amount of food it needs. Since a natural diet has high quality protein and no unnecessary added fats, sugars and carbohydrates, your cat's weight can finally balance out on its own.

Diarrhea, soft stools and foul smelling stools. What goes in must come out and the unnatural ingredients in a commercial diet, chemicals and toxins can result in rancid stools. Without the array of toxic additives, your cat's system will be able to complete the digestion process in full. A cat on a natural diet of fresh ingredients will assimilate all the necessary nutrients it needs and dispose of the rest. The result is smaller, less odorous stools.

Vomiting. Chronic vomiting can present a number of health problems all its own, especially when it results in an imbalance of electrolytes. Vomiting is a way of getting an incompatible food source out of the body quickly. With the number of waste products that go into commercial pet foods, problems with vomiting, sensitive stomach and incomplete digestion should be no big surprise. Natural diets have everything they need to help your cat soothe and repair a digestive system damaged by chemicals in a commercial food diet.

Coat and skin problems. On a commercial diet, a cat's system must find a way to process a number of chemical additives. Some will float in the bloodstream; some will rest in the kidneys. The rest will be excreted through the skin leading to coat and skin problems. A natural diet has no additives and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that provide coat support.

Temperament issues. Though many do not stop to think about it, temperament issues can be a good indicator of a health problem. A cat that is usually friendly and jovial but becomes reclusive needs special attention even if no outward physical signs of disease appear. The chemicals found in commercial diets that are known neurotoxins once ingested can lead to neural imbalances and disruptions in your cat. A natural diet of fresh foods is composed of necessary vitamins and fatty acids that increase and support brain function.

Arthritis. Even if a commercial cat food diet adds glucosamine and other complexes for bone and joint support, chemicals, preservatives and additives will still deplete the bones of their much needed nutrients. A natural diet offers the right complex of nutrition that strengthens bone, muscle, tendons and cartilage. Cats on a natural diet have been known to live well into their years without a single limp.

Periodontal disease. Unlike a commercial diet where food can stick to teeth and feed bacteria in the mouth, a natural diet of fresh foods has the ability to naturally clean your cat's teeth. The result is stronger, healthier teeth throughout your cat's life.

Diabetes, thyroid and kidney ailments. Without high sugars and chemicals to throw your cat's system off balance, natural diets are well known for reducing and even completely ridding cats with light cases of diabetes and thyroid problems, of their symptoms. A natural diet has no dry kibble product to dehydrate your cat and can soothe and heal issues with kidney problems within a matter of months.

For more information on preventing cat disease through natural diet, what food is correct and what to avoid, how to source, serve, store and introduce to your cat and how to avoid expensive waste,

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