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Vital Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Cat Healthy

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Raw feeding cats their meals helps to produce optimal health while returning the cats to a more wild and natural state. Raw feeding simply consists of making meals that primarily contain raw meats, both muscle and other parts such as wings, necks, hearts, kidneys, etc.

Is Raw Feeding Really Healthier?

In one word: yes. Raw feeding has many supporters because not only is it more natural, but it has assisted many cats over the years. Commercial foods rely on a lot of grains for proteins and fillers that do not agree with many cats, leading to allergies and intestinal upset in some.

Supporters of raw feeding highlight cases of severely allergic cats that made a complete recovery on a raw diet. Other benefits of a raw diet:

  • Normal weight maintenance
  • Glossy coat
  • Good dental health
  • Disease prevention
  • Vitality

There aren't obese cats on raw diets, so raw diets help to maintain a normal and appropriate weight level in housecats. Another benefit is an excellent dental care plan. Cats are not typically fond of having their teeth brushed but allowing cats to consume raw meat and to chew on poultry necks and wings, lets them naturally clean their teeth naturally from the gnawing action.

Raw feeding cats can also help with disease prevention. For example, early onset kidney disease can be prevented with a raw based diet. Kidney disease comes from the damage done to kidneys over time where they can no longer process the wastes in the body. Unfortunately, by the time most kidney disease is detected, 70% of the organs no longer work.

Raw feeding best mimics nature with high protein levels and high moisture contents. Dry commercial foods are relatively low in moisture, and moisture is what the kidneys need to do their job properly. A diet primarily based in feeding raw meats gives the 70% or higher moisture content that cats really require.

But Isn't Raw Feeding Difficult?

Not really, once you get past any 'ick' factor involved. Probably one of the largest challenges people deal with is the idea of handling large quantities of raw meat, but unless you are a vegetarian, you already do this for yourself or others. Feeding your cat is no different.

It's really not any more expensive than traditional commercial foods either. The reason is simple: you are not just feeding your cat choice cuts of meat. There are some of those muscle meats, but it should also be coupled with parts such as chicken hearts, kidneys, poultry wings ad necks as well. These other parts, while purchasable, are certainly not in high demand.

Plus, if you're not keen on processing the raw meat yourself, there are natural cat food manufacturers that have taken care of the dirty work for you by grinding it all up and putting it into tidy packages that can be stored in your freezer.

By supplying a variety of raw meat choices with different vegetables and flavors, cats thrive on this diet and enjoy it.

Primarily raw feeding cats their dinner is not only easy to do once you get accustomed to it, but it provides the cat with a very healthy choice in meals. It brings such a high level of vitality to a cat.

Learn more about how raw feeding cats can help your cat's health and how easy it is to do, and how you can save money too. For more information, help and guidance and for free recipes.

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