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Vital Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Cat Healthy

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Expecting your cat to never get sick is hardly realistic, there is no real need to constantly aggravate its health with a less than adequate food source. Unfortunately, chemicals are something that Mother Nature never intended your cat's system to process; yet there can be over thirty of them in a single canned or bagged commercial food recipe. Multiply this by the number of times a cat is fed throughout the week and you can see your cat is overexposed by the end of day one! Contrast this however with feeding your cat a homemade raw food diet, its natural food.

Nonetheless, many cats eat commercial diets year round and throughout their life. Conventional knowledge now tells us that ninety percent of cat health issues are diet related; so, not only will you be first in line to watch your favorite feline suffer on a commercial diet, it is likely you will ultimately be responsible for some very steep vet bills. Feeding a natural diet of fresh foods, one being raw meat, is the most logical step to take when it comes to getting your cat well. Even if your cat does not seem to be outwardly ailing at the moment, can he or she really tell you when something doesn't feel right? Or will you be like many cat owners that must wait until your cat is visibly sick to see that damage is being done?

Cat owners have been duped into believing that having health problems are just a normal part of owning a cat. This is quite unfortunate for the feline species that must be continually subjected to poor nutrition and eventual trips to the vet. Even as a domesticated breed, your cat is still very much the same as its wilder counterparts that still eat raw natural diets every day. Each day that your cat uses up the nutrients it needs to survive, it must be replaced in an adequate and efficient manner. Imagine trying to restore your aging home with inadequate materials. While it may be able to work in the short term, in the long run you will be looking at serious problems. The same can be said for your cat, whose system will be desperately searching and starving for the right nutrients to keep healthy.

Cat owners who feed a natural diet often observe with awe the remarkable rebound their pet makes when it finally has the nutrients it has been waiting for. Where there are health issues, there is a serious drop in symptoms, if and when they just don't vanish altogether. Not only this, a cat's coat becomes fuller and shinier, their eyes brighter and even their disposition more well rounded. Many cat owners see a health and vitality they didn't even know existed in their favorite feline. The most common thing you will hear from natural feeders that have made the switch is to be prepared. Once your cat is on a natural raw food diet, there is simply no going back.

For more information on raw food diets for cats, how to simple, quickly and easily prepare, source, serve and store a raw food diet for a healthy long lived cat,

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