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Picky cats can be hard to live with as you experiment with different brands of food, moist vs. dry, etc. You have to get your cat to eat something, but at times it can be quite trying! But, there is a food cats love to eat, and it is downright nutritious for them too.

There are a few reasons that a cat might be picky:

  • Lack of variety: Everyone gets tired of eating the same thing after a while
  • Old smelling: One can of food quickly starts to smell old and not as appetizing
  • Not fresh: The fresher the food, the better
  • Dry: Most cats eagerly accept moist food over dry
  • Not tasty: Just doesn't like the taste of what is offered
  • The typical cat owner provides one type of food for the cat and that's it. For a picky eater, the lack of variety can be downright boring and terrible, especially if you don't like the flavor.

Most cats will eagerly accept a fresh meal that is chock full of moist ingredients like fresh vegetables, cooked brown rice, and a variety of meats over anything that comes out of a bag or tin.

Homemade meals can be created to match your cat's desires. Ingredients can be pureed, left slightly chunky, or left mostly whole. Cats love their foods slightly warm, and a fresh meal lightly warmed will be quickly devoured, even by the pickiest cats.

The benefits to a cat eating a homemade meal are astounding. You can see the results quickly after switching to a homemade meal:

  • A cat with more energy
  • Less hairballs and vomiting
  • Less shedding of hair
  • Glossier coat
  • Improved litter box cleanup
  • Less allergies and skin irritation
  • Overall improved health and vigor
  • Optimal weight
  • A much happier cat that enjoys eating its meals
  • Not only is a homemade meal tastier for a cat, it is a lot healthier. You are able to make the meal exactly as your cat needs: higher levels of protein (60-75%), higher levels of moisture, ideally grainless, fresh vegetables, and with the variety necessary to provide the naturally correct levels of protein, vitamins, fats, and minerals.

You are able to control the quality of the food. No more worries about where the ingredients came from in your bag of cat food or whether they are contaminated. No more concerns about the high levels of potentially cancer causing preservatives present in the majority of commercially produced cat foods. You can feel good knowing exactly what your cat is eating at each meal.

Picky cats thrive on fresh meals, and you'll be surprised at how quickly a picky eater changes to ravenous when fed a homemade meal instead of a commercially produced one. The food cats want to eat is the freshest one around!

To see a whole book full of recipes for food cats will love to eat plus how it will change their health starting today and how to prepare, store and introduce it and for free recipes.

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