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There can be nothing worse than watching your beloved feline companion suffer and feeling helpless to stop it. As you research your options, you may find mention of the fact that ninety percent of feline health problems are diet related and the subject of using natural diets. However, when you ask the most veterinarians about feeding natural diets, they will likely assert that it is a bad idea. They may state there is no evidence of natural diets working for cats or that your cat may even risk getting poisoned. How unfortunate that the vast majority of cat owners will listen to their vet's misguided advice.

What many cat owners do not know is that pet food companies are large contributors to veterinary programs. With these wonderfully large and generous corporate donations, a veterinary organization can offer seminars and expand on programs in addition to create studies that further veterinary medicine. However, it is also interesting to know that veterinary programs offer little or no education on overall nutrition for cats or dogs. What seminars are offered are often provided by pet food companies themselves and they most certainly do not center on natural diets. The question is, if veterinarians have little or no training on natural feline nutrition, how can they give a well rounded opinion on the subject? In a veterinarian's office, it is not uncommon to see a cat and dog food brand with various advertisements about as well. Do you know that your vet is receiving a monthly or quarterly payment to promote this brand whether he or she uses it or not? The truth is, the veterinary organization your vet belongs to has made its own deal with the pet food company and your vet now counts on this promotional fee as part of their business income. In the end, it is all about profit and not about whether your cat is getting the best nutrition possible.

At the same time, keep in mind that your vet's license can be revoked by the organization he or she belongs to at any time; often with little or no recourse. This means veterinarians sit on a very precarious line and, even if they believe a natural diet has merits, prefer to say nothing. There have been many renowned veterinarians that have lost their license to practice for speaking out against pet food companies and the quality of food they have been foisting on the general public and their animals for over fifty years.

Luckily, attitudes are changing and many veterinarians are choosing to study feline and canine nutrition on their own. In fact, a growing number are currently practicing holistic medicine for cats as well as traditional medicine. A well trained veterinarian and the services they provide are simply priceless. We have been taught to respect the advice we receive from learned professionals and rightly so. Yet, when it comes to feline nutrition, the plain truth is your vet simply can't have the answers if he or she has never made a study of natural diets.

When your pet is ill and you are running out of options, patience, money and worst of all hope, your cat needs you and not your vet to make the right decisions. With the rise in feline nutrition awareness, a return to a natural diet is hardly a far out concept anymore. This is especially true thanks to the massive pet food recall of 2007/2008 in addition to other pet food recalls that followed afterward.

For pet food companies, your favorite feline friend is nothing more than property, which is why you will never be able to sue for more than the value of your pet if he or she becomes irreparably damaged or dead because of their products. Yet you know very well your pet offers a companionship that goes far beyond just counting as a person to property relationship.

For the sake of your pet, do not allow pet food companies and ill trained veterinarians to make choices for you on your cat's dietary needs. The decision should only rest with someone who is invested in your cat's day to day well being not someone whose main concern is the bottom line of their business.

For more information on the pet food industry and vets and the vital connection you must understand in order to give your pet a long, happy and healthy life, which foods are good and which are positively dangerous,

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