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Vital Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Cat Healthy

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The felines of the world have become increasingly obese. As we moved kitty indoors, we reduced the amount of exercise it got, and we accidentally changed its diet almost 100%.

What has resulted is an epidemic of cats ranging from overweight to grossly obese. What happens when a cat is overweight?

  • The more overweight the cat, the less it moves around.
  • It can't run, play, and jump like a normal cat.
  • Its lifespan is shortened.
  • It is more likely to suffer from stiff joints and early onset arthritis.
  • Fat presses against his organs creating a great deal of organ strain.
  • It will develop breathing problems and loss of stamina.
  • Overweight cats are much more likely to develop diabetes.
  • Overweight cats become obsessed with consuming food.
  • These are only a few of the things that result from extra weight, but veterinarians the world over know that obese cats are becoming far too common, and obesity is one of the top concerns.

To put it into perspective, a few extra pounds on the cat is like 15 or 20 on a human. Imagine if a cat should only weigh about 6 pounds and it is weighing in at more than 12 pounds. That's twice the body weight that it should have.

How Did We Get Here?

It is part lack of exercise and part diet. Many cats are relegated to lounging around on the couch and sitting in the window, sleeping. There is nothing wrong with keeping a cat indoors, but they have to be more active.

Moving cats indoors also coincides with the higher usage of commercial foods rather than the cat relying on hunting as its food source. Commercial foods contain protein, but the bulk of the food is carbohydrate based. Too many carbohydrates are never a good thing. While carbohydrates are an energy source, they are also broken down into sugars and eventually fats. The wild cat actually converts protein for energy, not carbohydrates.

The housecat is relegated to attempting to convert carbohydrates, although its anatomy is built for breaking down protein. These carbohydrates take the cat's metabolism on a wild ride with ups and downs. It is easy to see how the cat puts on the weight it does.

What Is The Best Weight Loss Cat Food?

The most natural way to help your cat lose weight is to change the way it eats entirely. Instead of relying on commercial foods, cooking your cat's meals is the best way to go.

Cooking food for your cat allows you to maintain a high level of quality and portion control, which is absent in the production of commercial foods, plus it allows you to create the right balance of nutrition for your cat.

A cat's diet should be about 60-75% protein, full of moisture, and rounded out with small amounts of vegetables or very minimal grains like rice. By immediately changing the way your cat eats and returning it to a more natural kind of food, your cat's body will begin to change.

It won't happen immediately because it didn't put the weight on overnight, but it will begin to feel better very quickly. As its body and metabolism adapt to the new diet, you will notice a gloss to his coat, a bounce in its step, and a natural weight loss. There just aren't any fat cats in the wild. Weight loss cat food shouldn't come from a bag but should instead be prepared in the kitchen.

Start your cat on its path to a healthy weight in a natural way today. To learn recipes and ideas to start your weight loss cat food and for further information and help and free recipes.

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