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Cat Food Recipes Online
Cat Food Recipes Online


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Cat Food Recipes Online

Simple-to-Make Homemade Cat Food Your Cat Will ADORE...

...Rid Your Cat of Harmful Chemicals, Preservatives &Toxins

Delicious Homemade Catfood Picture

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Homemade Meatball Supreme

21 Years Old Young and Still Loving Her Delicious Homemade Catfood

Natural Cat food recipes are Delicious

"Discover Cat Food Recipes That Can Increase Your Cat's Life By Up To 8 Years... While Saving Up To $600 a Year"


Hi, Frank Brown here... I love cats and have been keeping and breeding them for most of my life.

Frank Temple Brown and 20 Year Old Cat Picture

Frank and 21 years young Nermal

This is a picture of me and Nermal who is 21 years young but still fit as a fiddle...

Most people can't beleive her real age and always ask what the secret to her good health is.

The answer is simple - Wholesome, natural homemade cat food.

You see, when you change your cat's diet from commercial cat food, with all the questionable additives and other unwholesome ingredients, to a natural cat food diet, your cat will thrive.

Like most cat owners you're concerned about your cat's health. Your cat may not be as healthy as it once was, you're taking it to the vet more often...

You're starting to become a little concerned with the ingredients in commercial cat food especially after all the pet food recalls, but don't know what options are available.

You're thinking about making your own cat food but you're not sure whether this will be the best thing for your cat or not.

natural cat food recipes

You're not sure if home cooked food will supply the correct nutrients and ingredients

cat treat recipes

You're worried that you will not have the time to make it

best cat food And you are concerned that if you do make it your cat will just not eat it

I have always loved and had a passion for cats and have bred cats for forty years and have made sure they always had the very best diet


That is why my cats live so long, 20 plus years... Always.

My parents were also passionate about cats and bred cats, I followed in their footsteps. Cats are my number one passion too. Since as long as I can remember I have fed my cats only natural homemade food just as my parents did and that is the reason they live so long, 20 years plus.

 I don't feed them any commercial canned or packet food and the recent recalls of pet food and the unecessary deaths of thousands of cats have shown just how right this has been. Cats must not be fed food containing, preservatives, additives, flavourings, colours or toxins.

I am the author of "Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals" and have published many articles on cat health, diet and care and have my own blog.

Here's what other people are saying about my Cat Food Recipes...

"I have a cat shelter, with about 50 cats...
I feed them a quality natural diet, so they just don't get sick."

Hello Frank,

  Thanks for your wonderful nutrition information for cats. I have a cat shelter, with about 50 cats right now. (I say about, because the number can change daily.)

  I found that it costs me less in vet visits if I feed them a quality natural diet, so they just don't get sick. Also, if a new cat comes in that's is poor shape, I immediately put it on the raw meat diet, and they ALWAYS get better.

  I go through about 10 lbs of chicken twice a week.

  For a treat, they love pumpkin or squash, cooked with a little
butter drizzled on it. (Never use margarine, of course.)

Thanks for the wonderful recipes,

Dr. RJ Peters

aka Ms.Kitty the cat lady

"Id recommend anyone to change from tinned pet food..."

Solo Cat

  This is my cat Solo, just to let you know that she is so much better since I started her on the homemade food recipes from your book...

  Now she is full of energy and her nasty way of attacking us and our furniture is over.

  I think there must be something really harmful in the food we fed her previously...

  ... Last year I spent over $800 on vets bills, she seemed to have endless allergies on commercial cat food...

  Now vet's visits are almost a thing of the past.

  Id recommend anyone to change from tinned pet food you know nothing about, to feeding really fresh produce.

Phoebe Grahamslaw,
Sydney NSW,

I kept running into fellow cat owners and breeders who all told me the same story...

... that their cats died unusally young, got sick with serious diseases & strange allergies costing them thousands of dollars in vets fees.

This was in stark contrast to my own cats who see the vet only for check-ups when they are older. Upon enquiry all that was different was that my fellows all used what they thought were quality brands of commercial cat food.

This really set me thinking...

I found out what really went into factoy pet food and even visited a pet food factory, rendering plant and abattoir - what I found sickened me...

At rendering plants ANY dead animals including dead zoo animals, road kill, diseased

20 Year Old Cat Tucks in to homemade Catfood Picture

  "No Toxins in This Food!"   21 year old Nermal about to tuck-in to a delicious homemade catfood dish free from the noxious substances found in commercial catfood

carcasses and even euthanised cats and dogs are added to the vats.

This mess is then heated to a very high temperature and has added to it dangerous preservatives, colourings, rancid restaurant fat, meat by-products and other additives to disguise what it really is.

It is so grossly unnatural that it is a very far cry from what your cat would eat in the wild... Small wonder then that this "food" weakens a cat's immune system leading to disease and early death.

I realised that I wanted to help my fellow cat lovers and breeders and provide some information to help them provide real genuine nutritous food that boosts a cat's immune system, the key to longevity.

Unfortunately commercial cat food is poisoning our cats... slowly... every day

You can stop these noxious substances from being fed to your cat - TODAY. Cat owners have been turning a blind eye to all this but can you really afford to?

The horrors of commercial cat food are well documented...

Any of these noxious substances are often found lurking in the packet that professes to give your cats 'good' food:

cat food recipes  Putrefying road kill

 homemade cat food recipe made with fish Cancerous, pus-ridden flesh from diseased animals

homemade pet food recipes  Euthanized cats and dogs - Cats eat meat but never other cats - It's just, 'Not Natural' 

cat nutrition  Collars and leashes from euthanized pets


natural cat food recipes  Sodium Pentobarbital - The KILLER of choice to euthanize sick and unwanted animals 

cat treat recipes  Preservatives - Critical to try to keep the disgusting concoction from the rendering plant fresh and free from Salmonella and worse...

cat cookie recipes  Colorants and flavorings to try mask the gross look and taste of the 'food' concoction

healthy homemade cat food  Styrofoam packaging from supermarkets - Often included along with tthe rotting chicken that is discarded because it is past it's expiry date.

make homemade cat food  FECES, urine and any animal products not considered suitable for human consumption

Pet owners are finding themselves in hte vet's office more frequently and now the reason is clear. The very food our pets are given does not contain sufficient nutrients to boost the cat's immune system - leaving them prone to disease. Worse, the value of this food is so low that a cat just eats more and becomes obese, diabetic and lehtargic.

In our "time poor" environment we rush from task to task ignoring the fact that if we just thought for a few moments we do have ALL the time we need to care for our pets properly. We truly don't need to give them low grade "convenience" food.

I won't go on, but essentially what you buy in tinned food is very dubious 'meat' made up from all sorts of dead animals and sent to a rendering plant where it is all heated to a high temperature and has added to it some very strong chemicals to color and preserve it. All this is in stark contrast to what your cat would eat naturally which is frsh meat.

The result of putting your cat on a diet of what constitutes "junk food" is that, usaually too late, you discover it has become seriously ill with diseases like diabetes and terminal kidney failure.

It is no surprise that pet food manufacturers and food companies are one and the same, there is a huge amount of waste from the food processing industry BUT step up thepet food industry. THEY take these 'by-products' and turn it into pet food mixed with road kill etc. at the rendering plant. Low grade food makes your cat sick lacking as it is in essential vitamins, nutrients and freshness.

This is where it becomes extremely expensive with numerous trips to the vets and having to purchase equally expensive medicine for the rest of its life.

You Are As Concerned As I Am About Your Cat's Health Or You Would not Have Read This Far...

...Is there an alternative to commercial food?

...There certainly is and it does NOT involve hours of dull preparation.

 I'll show you how to put my simple "system to work for you, free up your time and give you choices. You will quickly be the confident knowledgable food expert that others turn to.

You see, when you change your cat's diet from commercial cat food with all its questionable additives and other unwholesome ingredients to a natural cat food diet your cat will thrive as nature intended.

OK, So Commercial Cat Food is Seriously BAD For Your Cat, But DON'T Worry...

...You Can Help Your Cat EASILY, SIMPLY AND INEXPENSIVELY with my time tested cat recipes!

 You can take control of your cat;s diet, provide them with guaranteed safe, fresh, healthy food & extend their life by A WHOLE DECADE and all this for just 64 cents a day.

Here's what I cover in the book and how it will benefit you immediately:

nutritious homemade cat food How to set up a 'Feeding System' so you use it just 2 hours a month
how to make homemade cat food Special Recipes to feed and treat a sick cat
recipes for cat food How to get FREE veterinary care and save huge amounts on vets bills
recipes baking cat treats Where and how to find fresh FREE human grade food for your cat so you save money
homemade cat food Which foods to give and what definitely NOT to give your cat
make your own cat food A full list of all the pet food recalls
best dry cat food Brilliant tips and tricks to save money from how to shampoo your cat with the ingredients you have in your cupboard, a simple effective flea repellant you already grow in your garden - the simple answer to the smelly litter box. The ultimate Hairball remedy and much more...
best cat food How to vary your cat's diet so it never gets bored - prevent any further waste

I will walk you through all this and take you by the hand and show you precisely how to set it up so you have:

natural cat food More time
cat food More money in your pocket and...
holistic cat food recipe A SERIOUSLY healthy, happy cat

Here Are The Recipes, Over 100 Mouthwatering Dishes From Soup To Meat To Raw & Dried Food...

 A Quick Snapshot ...

cat food recipes 12 - recipes for fish
homemade cat food recipe made with fish 3 - soup recipes
homemade pet food recipes 4 - recipes for cat treats
cat nutrition 2 - raw food recipes
natural cat food recipes 2 - soup and casserole dishes
cat treat recipes 2 - recipes for kittens
cat cookie recipes A recipe for the pregnant cat
healthy homemade cat food A brilliant pick-me-up for when your cat is down or for a rescue cat
make homemade cat food The essential nutrients a cat needs, where to find them and get FREE samples -- I show you how

 Like Most Cat Owners We Like To Spoil Our Felines With Homemade Cat treats! Some tasty gems...

nutritious homemade cat food What to give your cat at Christmas! The Christmas treat
how to make homemade cat food Cat treats
recipes for cat food Birthday treat
recipes baking cat treats Cat cookies
homemade cat food Cat munchie
make your own cat food Felline Feast
best dry cat food Ham it up cat treats
best cat food Homemade kitty treat
natural cat food Kitty Yum Yums

 For Those Cats Who Like To Be Like Us. I've Got Something For Them Too!

cat food Cat wrap
holistic cat food recipe Cheese please
cat food recipes Chicken cheeseburger
homemade cat food recipe made with fish Chicken stir fry

For Cats Who Need Special Diets... To Ensure They Get The Correct Nutrients & Supplements...

Feeding the Sick Cat

homemade pet food recipes 9 + recipes
cat nutrition Recipes for the diabetic cat
natural cat food recipes Diarrhoea
cat treat recipes Kidney problems
cat cookie recipes Weight loss

How to do all this and create a diet your cat will adore, with NO MORE WASTE... Made from safe, fresh wholesome ingredients you can find easily.

That Will Only Take 2 Kitchen Hours a Month To Prepare...

YOU TOO can make Giving Homemade Cat Food Just as Quick as Canned Food... But Way Cheaper & MUCH Healthier.

Where YOU Have Control Over Its Diet, Where There Is No Waste AND Your Cat Can Easily

EXPECT To Live UpTO 8 Years Longer... And Visits To The Vet Are Just Check-ups.

Here's a recipe right now, see how easy it is to


My parents were also passionate about cats and bred cats, I followed in their footsteps. Cats are my number one passion too. Since as long as I can remember I have fed my cats only natural homemade food just as my parents did and that is the reason they live so long, 20 years plus.

I don't feed them any commercial canned or packet food and the recent recalls of pet food and the unecessary deaths of thousands of cats have shown just how right this has been. Cats must not be fed food containing, preservatives, additives, flavourings, colours or toxins.

I am the author of "Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals" and have published many articles on cat health, diet and care and have my own blog.

How to do all this and create a diet your cat will adore, with NO MORE WASTE... Made from safe, fresh wholesome ingredients you can find easily.

That Will Only Take 2 Kitchen Hours a Month To Prepare...

YOU TOO can make Giving Homemade Cat Food Just as Quick as Canned Food... But Way Cheaper & MUCH Healthier.

Where YOU Have Control Over Its Diet, Where There Is No Waste AND Your Cat Can Easily

EXPECT To Live UpTO 8 Years Longer... And Visits To The Vet Are Just Check-ups.

Here's a recipe right now, see how easy it is to


Make a Delicious Home-Cooked Meal Your Cat Will LOVE...
in Seconds

Frank and cat Bean 

A younger Frank with 17 year old pet cat

Every time we cooked a chicken Bean could smell it from a mile away and rushed into the house to the kitchen, then supporting himself on three paws used the fourth to drag this meal from the kitchen work surface!

  The meal?

  His special treat - the chicken giblets that I left to cool then cut up and boy did he REALLY love it.

  This dead simple and effortless menu takes merely seconds AND NO EFFORT to put on a plate and serve - longest time - letting it cool down!


 Quick and easy wasn't it?

Feed your cat on healthy recipes like the one you've just tried... you'll be amazed at the remarkable change in her behaviour...

... She'll have - more love - more energy - more interest - more life!

 OK Frank So If I Buy Your Recipe Book What's In it For Me? Read on and I'll show you...

healthy homemade cat food

You get 102 Life-enhancing easy to prepare recipes your cat will eat, not waste, and adore.


make homemade cat food

How about, "cat Crackers," "Chicken and Sardines", "Fabulous Fishballs", "Kitty Breakfast" all tried and tested by me, guaranteed no WASTE!


nutritious homemade cat food

I show you the step by step simple "system" I use, so you feed your pet on "autopilot"


how to make homemade cat food

Is your cat sick? OK try "Bland Diet For Finicky Eaters", "Diabetic Recipe", "Feline Weight Loss Diet" we cover them all.


recipes for cat food

YOU win because you save money & time, feed your cat for just 64 cents a day and...


recipes baking cat treats See it thrive, no more couch potato but energetic, vibrant, now it can easily live a whole decade longer!

 "Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals" will provide a natural, healthy alternative to feeding your cat for only $27

 Momma;s recipes are so easy to make... Ask your cat whether she'd enjoy the recipe above and she'd answer a resounding YES.

Cat Food Recipes Online

She'd wolf it down... and you saw how easy it was to make didn't you? Well it'd be criminal if I didn't share more of them with you wouldn't it?

To help you give the best food to your cat I've collected all Momma's favourite recipes and bound them in a handsome volume for you to use...

There's plenty of choice... even for the most discerning kitty.

As you follow the easy steps inside you'll be amazed at how quick, delicious and easy the wholesome meals are to make

You'll see that you'll never have to feed your cat on commercial catfood again...

"She'll have more vibrancy in her walk"

Every recipe has been tried and tested... Momma's cats thrive off them and yours will too!

homemade cat food My present cat is 20 years old and loves them to bits...
make your own cat food You don't want to live through the pain and anguish of losing your beloved cat to bad food...

... If your cat could talk she'd tell you to get the recipe book for her.

My Recipe Book Will Teach You To Feed Your Cats Safely and Protect them For Life

The Safe Way To Feed Your Cat

best dry cat food Feeding your cat safely on food that she will relish is a prime concern of yours... and you don't want to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen doing so either...
best cat food

And you can rest assured that won't happen with Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals -- every recipe is quick and easy to make...


natural cat food You control the ingredients that go into every scrumptious meal... not some profit driven food company who has no qualms about feeding dangerous poisons to your beloved pet.

"Just completed a brief overview of the book and it is AWSOME..." Monika Zukaro

Picture of Mimi

 Hi Frank
 Thanks so much - Just completed a brief overview of the book and it is AWSOME.

 At this time I have 6 cats - four are mine for years and 2 rescued out of the street over the last few months.

One is an older cat about 11 years, whose owner did not want to address her medical problems so he let her starve - down to 3.5 lbs. By the time I found her she was too ill to walk anymore.

With help from a vet, lots of TLC and a "home-made" diet, such as some things described in the book, she actually made it. She's now 9 pounds, but does have a bit of kidney problems - we'll beat that, too.

 Anyway - thanks so much for your assistance.
Great speaking with you, too -


Pictue of Kali before

Kali before

Hi Frank

Well nice to talk with you again and thanks so much for asking for pictures.

Here a two from Kali. The first one was taken in June 2008, when I first found her.

You can see her head is small on my hands and I had to hold it up for the pictures since she did not have the strength any more. Her

Kali after

Kali After

 head is also too large for her body, a sure sign of starvation.

The second picture was taken 12/8/08. It took months of feeding her good nutrition, and antibiotics to clear the infections, to get her well.

At first, everything was processed thru a blender, like chicken, turkey, rice and veggies.

Then she slowly began to actually eat again. By Christmas she was much healthier and stronger and you can see how she has filled out and her coat is beautiful.

She is my Christmas story - hope, joy and love.

Mimi before

Mimi Before

The other two pictures are from Mimi, an abandoned kitten found by my German Shepherd Trinka, while we were on a walk.

The first picture shows Mimi confused and hungry and scared.

The second picture just 2 weeks later - fed on organic milk and homemade food, shows her alert, ready to explore, as a kitten should be


Mimi after

Mimi After



By the way I have 2 dogs also, and they have never seen a can of dog food.

One is Trinka, an AKC registered purebred Sable German Shepherd. Also Bella, a shepherd mix. They're gorgeous.

They just generate great health, a stunning coat, great teeth, no bad breath or doggie-odor and their character is so true to a Shepherd, loyal, protective, loving. Okay, so much for my "zoo" - hope this file is not too large to send. Enjoy



"I have saved several hundred dollars on commercial food..."

Luke's cat 'Twitch'

  Thanks a lot for the recipe book ideas and tips.

  My cat Twitch, so called because he was so very nervous of any slight sound, has increased in health tremendously since we weaned him off tinned cat food.

  Before feeding him home-made food he WAS very sloth like and overweight with a dull coat.

  Now he constantly demands to go out, hunts and bounds with energy and his coat is really glossy...

  He just looks so much better - a different cat in fact.

  We have saved money on vets bills, only one visit this year for a check-up...

  ... and I reckon I have saved several hundred dollars on commercial food because so much was wasted, frequently of every tin.

  I now know what he will eat because I have tried out the recipes and his favourite is the raw food one, he goes crazy for it. Best of all its dead simple to prepare and store.

  Wish I had started him off from a kitten like this...

Luke Haskells,
Ealing London,


 "I have had cats for over 20 years and we only feed our cats raw food now..."

"... They lost weight, have better fur coats, don't need dental work, and are much healthier than when we fed them canned and dry foods.

We keep a bag of dry crunchies for emergencies only. Cats are meant to eat small rodents, birds, insects and other live creatures RAW.

 A cats digestive system is built for raw food and that's what they ate for millions of years. Do your cats a favor and switch to raw food, they will smell, look and feel much better and you will save on health bills as well as extend their lives."

Bron Fieldwalker,


 Preparing Delightful Cat Meals Will be Simple

 As Well as Additive & Toxin Free

cat food You're busy... you want to feed your cat and see her glow with radiant health and you want to do so at breakneck speed...
holistic cat food recipe No problem! -- Every one of Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals is guaranteed quick-to-make... and to really speed things up... double or triple up the quantities in the recipes... put separate portions into plastic bags and freeze...
cat food recipes Kitties very own home-cooked 'TV dinners'...

  ... When you're really pushed for time slide Kitty's favourite from the freezer... pop it in the microwave... her delicious meal is ready to eat quicker than a 100 yard sprinter to the finish line...

  And what's more...

homemade cat food recipe made with fish There's a selection of mouth-watering biscuits that don't need freezing.
homemade pet food recipes They're dead-simple to make as well... packed with the life-enriching power of all-natural-ingredients
cat nutrition Your cat will be jumping for joy at the taste sensations whilst you sit back and relax... happy in the knowledge that every mouthful she eats will flood her body with life-enriching, essential nutrients...

Momma's Gourmet Meals could save you heaps of money too, up to $600 per year!

  Your cat will relish every meal and gobble it up like there's no tomorrow... there'll be no waste and...

natural cat food recipes

You save because there'll be no more throwing out half-empty tins of cat food your cat refuses to eat

cat treat recipes

You save because fresh home-cooked meals are power-packed with nutrients and can work out a whole heap cheaper than commercial cat food - this fact alone could save you $50 a month or $600 per year

cat cookie recipes You save because you eliminate unnecessary vet's visits whose root cause is in poor nutrition - saving you hundreds of dollars every year

  ... Every time you visit the vet's the hole in your pocket seems to get bigger.

Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals Cover

  Fact is though -- most of the sicknesses your cats suffer from could be being caused by the poor quality of nutrition and toxins found in commercial cat food...

  Eliminate these noxious ingredients from your cat's diet and expensive visits to the vet could be a thing of the past...

  healthy homemade cat foodPhoebe in Australia has saved nearly $800 per year with a simple change in her cats diet...

  make homemade cat foodLuke Haskins in London reckons he has saved hundreds of dollars...

  "  We have saved money on vets bills, only one visit this year for a check-up and I reckon I have saved several hundred dollars on commercial food because so much was wasted, frequently of every tin."

  Switch your cat's diet to the life-enriching treats found inside Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals and you could enjoy the same or greater savings.




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Cat Care Book

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  Order your copy of Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals today -- you'll get it at an absolute rock bottom price so you save right away...

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 Bonus #1...

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  ... From choosing the correct breed to suit your lifestyle to essential information on vaccinations and neutering...

  ... The Cat Care Handbook guides you through every step of choosing and caring for your pet...

nutritious homemade cat food  Before you get your cat - what NOT to do.

how to make homemade cat food  Information on pedigree cats - are they really more temperamental?

recipes for cat food, recipes baking cat treats  Keeping more than one pet cat without them resorting to 'fisticuffs...'

homemade cat food  Avoid bathing scars -- how to groom and bathe your cat in safety

make your own cat food  Stop that itch! - Avoid those pesky fleas

best dry cat food  Hairballs and how to deal with them

best cat food  Essential vaccinations - warning do not skip this important information

natural cat food  Should you neuter your cat and is it cruel if you do?

cat food  Litter boxes and other impedimenta

  No discerning cat lover should be without this valuable resource...

  On sale elsewhere for $17.00 but yours absolutely free when you order

Bonus #2...

Choosing and Caring for a Cat Naturally

An absolutely fabulous read by Elizabeth Beresford...

This special report explains ALL you need to know about cats...

Packed with information and great tips, from Pedigree cats to nutrition and training and much, much more.

Normal price $7.00 but yours absolutely free when you order


Bonus #3...

Bonding - Your Child and Your Cat...

Child and Cat Bond


... An absolutely fabulous tool.

This exciting coloring book will help develop a special bond between your child and your cat...

holistic cat food recipe  142 delightful pictures... your child will have hours of fun coloring in these cute animals...

cat food recipes  Every page is printable so you can print as many copies as you like...

homemade cat food recipe made with fish  Invite your child's friends around for a 'Kitty coloring party' -- who will make the prettiest picture and win the prize?

homemade pet food recipes  Fun and informative -- beat the rainy day blues

cat nutrition  Ease the boredom of  long car journeys and travel in safety -- a restless child in the car is a dangerous nightmare for the driver...

  Normal price $6.95 but yours absolutely free when you order

Bonus #4...

How to create an effective diet

  We tell you everything from how to make it, where to get your food, how to get FREE food, how to prepare it and save.

  How to set up the special almost hands free "SYSTEM" that leaves you free to do what YOU want.

How to wean your pet off commercial food in 3 simple eefective steps that work.

Yours absolutely free when you order

We are the only pet owners who have tried and tested all the recipes, added new ones AND once you are on our list we won't just forget you. All new recipes, offers and news will be sent to you first FREE for as long as you wish.

"YES I am Saving Money..."

"This book and all that information changed the way I feed both my cats and dogs and...

  YES I am saving money, lots..."

Laurie Whyman,
Ealing London,

How Much Will it Cost Me Frank?

  Let me ask you first how much it would cost you in vets bills if your cat became sick or...

  ... heaven forbid it should happen, died due to kidney failure because of the toxic food she eats?

  Can you put a price on that?

  Is it fair on your cat to run that risk? I'm sure you agree that's it's not don't you?

Frank and Cat

 Of course you do...

  ... and let me tell you the vet's bills could run into hundreds, even thousands of dollars should your cat run into diet-related kidney problems.

  So you agree that it's going to be wonderful to avoid the pain and suffering your cat would go through. 

  ... And you know you can do this by avoiding the poisons and dubious ingredients contained in commercial cat food.

  So you agree that paying a paltry sum of $27 to avoid these heartbreaks is a wise investment don't you?

  ... And don't forget that you've a FULL 12 months to try all the recipes and see the wonderful improvements in your cats health.

  You can't lose and will be secure in the knowledge that you are doing the very best you can to protect your adorable cat.

"Frank's Unbeatable 12  Month  Guarantee" 

Frank Brown

 You Have 12 FULL months to try out the delicious recipes inside 'Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals'...

  I guarantee you will be absolutely delighted with how easy they are to make.

You will be amazed at how convenient they are to feed to your cat.

Your cat will relish them and you will see a marked improvement in her health and behavior.


You have 12 full months to experience these remarkable results...

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you decide to return the book - even on day 364 - I will instantly rush you a FULL refund.

  You will, of course, be free to keep all the wonderful bonuses...

You have my solemn word on this:

Frank Brown

 Super Price REDUCTION

  For a short time only...

  As part of a marketing test I'm running a special promotion on "Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals" ... Order today to receive a handsome discount on the regular price of $27 which is a 'steal' of a bargain in anyone's eyes...

  ... But for a very limited time you only pay $17.00

  This is the lowest Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals has ever been offered for... I want to see how lowering the price affects the sales but will increase the price immediately I see a drop in sales.

  I urge you to take advantage of this special low price today -- Order your copy right now... tomorrow may be too late.

  YES  Frank! I Want to Keep my Cat a Healthy Cat! 

  I want to avoid the horrors of commercial cat food and the diseases it could cause my cat to suffer from...

Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals Cover
  I understand the importance of feeding her on only the best home-cooked food as described in "Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals" 

  I want her to have a renewed sense of well-being and joy for living... replace her fatigue with new vibrant energy...

  She will go absolutely crazy over the wholesome meals I'm going to feed her...

... I've seen your generous 12 month guarantee and feel secure that I can get a full refund - even 364 days after my purchase - for any reason or no reason at all.

  I'm ordering my copy of "Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals" right now and taking my cat on the road to a better life:

check  I get - 101 life-enriching recipes to keep my cat fully-charged and full of life

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   Twelve months to try out all the recipes inside "Momma's Gourmet Cat Meals" and super-charge your cat -- what unbeatable value...

"I Gave it as a Gift to Two Cat Fanatics this past Christmas ..."

"A great read even for a non pet owner! I gave it as a gift to two cat fanatics last Christmas! Both of them now only use home prepared food."

Margaret Sutherland,

"At Last! Safe Exciting Recipes..."

"The information about factory food horrified me...

Mrs.E. Skilleter,

Poole, UK


Frank and Cat


Your cat will love you when you give her these delicious Gourmet meals...

 Wishing you and your cat a long and healthy life.

  All the best
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The sooner you start feeding your cat natural homemade food the sooner it's health and enjoyment of life will improve. Don't delay order now - your cat will thank you for it.


You get a super value $57.95 four great bonus books for the staggering low price of only $17.00 but hey I want to share my love of cats too AND I want YOU to succeed


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Please join me and thousands of others who have already made the change, remember delaying can cost your cat its very life or seriously shorten it. Order today, the bonuses and special low price are for the next 20 orders only.



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